Tile Cleaning

Face it, we have hard water in Las Vegas. For pool owners this means that calcium scale is going to buildup on your tile and pool surface. For years we have specialized in tile cleaning processes like bead blasting to remove this calcium build up. That used to mean your pool got drained, we cleaned the tile, and the pool got refilled with fresh water. The down side to that process was that exposing your plaster to the elements poses a substantial risk of cracking or delaminating. The other problem was the “fresh” water used to refill the pool already contains high levels of calcium, which is what accelerated the buildup in the first place.

The solution? PuriPool!

We are now able to do tile cleaning without having to drain the entire pool. Once we are done cleaning the tile, the existing pool water gets our PuriPool treatment, which removes clacium and other dissolved solids from the water. When the process is complete you will have clean tile AND clean water… water that contains LESS calcium than the “fresh” water from your hose.

Take a look at this before and after of a recent job we did.

photo 6