If you’re pool water is old and tired, you might think it’s time to drain it. Don’t! The PuriPool process is not only a replacement to draining your pool, it is superior. If you consider how hard our water is here in Las Vegas, the ‘fresh’ water you put in your pool isn’t all that fresh. While, draining your pool and refilling it is an improvement over the old water, our PuriPool process can get hardness levels even lower than ‘fresh’ water from the tap! So ask yourself, how clean is your water?

Take a look at these results. Instead of draining their pool, this customer conserved over 11,000 gallons of water. In just a single day their pool water was purified to contain less calcium the fresh tap water and also got rid of all the other impurities left behind after years of accumulation. Your pool water could be this clean too! Click here to learn how the PuriPool process is not only an alternative to draining your pool, it is the preferred method to getting the cleanest water possible. Never Drain Your Pool… PuriPool!