Swimming Pools Las Vegas Style

Every pool is unique, but Las Vegas can put its own twist on just about anything. From the ultra flamboyant to the cult fetish, there’s enough to go around for everyone.

Pool troll

While the concept remains the same across the board, each pool has its own maintenance nuances and challenges. Only a true service professional will actually take the time to find and address these small details in your pool, which makes the difference between just keeping your pool swimmable and making it the centerpiece of your backyard. There may be only a handful of Las Vegas pool companies who will truly care for you pool as if it were their own, but the search to find them is well worth the effort. Clarity Pool Service is proud to be part of this small group of pool services. As such we constantly strive to push the envelope of what defines our industry. We also strive to help the next generation of service professionals get pointed in the right direction, whether that is through on the job training, business management consulting, or simply providing our services for them to offer their own customers. For example, we are the exclusive providers of the PuriPool water purification process in Nevada. Instead of challenging other companies to make the same capital investments, we are partnering with them to make this revolutionary technology easily available to all pool owners.