Don’t Start Summer With A Green Pool!

drained green pool

Don’t let this be your pool

No one ever wants a green pool, but sometimes it can sneak up on you. Sometimes it seems like the pool is just ignoring you. No matter how much chemical you add to the pool it just wont seem to clear up. Sound familiar?

As pool water gets old it becomes increasingly saturated with dissolved solids. Eventually these solids will cause problems in maintaining a balanced and sanitized pool. Regular water testing can help you identify when the dissolved solids start to reach a problematic level, and if you are proactive about it these potential problems can be address before you have a green pool in your yard.

Our PuriPool process can remove dissolved solids from your existing pool water, returning levels such as calcium hardness to ranges below what is available from tap water. As an added benefit, this process only consumes about 15% of your pools volume, can be completed in a single day, and delivers the cleanest water possible!