Is your pool water old and tired? Is it time to get some fresh water in your pool?

High levels of dissolved solids in your pool is an inevitable problem that all pool owners are faced with. Over time this accumulation makes it increasingly difficult to maintain your pool, resulting in algae, cloudy water, higher chemical requirements, skin discomfort and even unsafe levels of conditioner. The only way to lower these levels is to drain your pool, right? Wrong! We are now able to purify your pool water to levels that are often better than fresh tap water, in a single day! Our proprietary system not only eliminates the need to drain and refill your pool, it helps conserve our most valuable resource! As an added bonus your pool will require fewer chemicals to maintain a proper balance, saving you money in maintenance costs, not to mention that your family wont be swimming in a chemistry lab or science project of chemicals.

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Never drain your pool again! PuriPool!