Preventative Maintenance Can Pay For Itself

Often times people don’t realize that their water chemistry isn’t quite up to par until it’s too late. The gradual increase in dissolved solids in your pool can go unnoticed on a day to day basis, slowly resulting in an increased demand for chemicals, cloudier water, and eventually more frequent outbreaks of algae. This all leads to an increased cost in maintenance that can quickly get out of control, leaving you with a real mess on your hands. This hasn’t even taken into account the rising levels of calcium hardness in the water which is causes calcium buildup on the waterline, water features and inside plumbing and equipment, decreasing efficiency.

Regular, detailed testing is your best bet when it comes to keeping an eye on where your water stands. As far as prevention goes, it is inevitable that eventually your water will no longer want to cooperate. In an effort to prolong the life your pool water, it is imperative to perform regular testing and chemical balancing, take special care to not add anything that is not needed. Make sure you stay within recommended ranges, and remember that more is not always better.

When you begin to notice that your water is using more chemicals that before, is having a hard time staying clear, is building up a lot of scale on the waterline, or having issues with algae, it is probably time to address the quality of your water. Our pool water purification process is the fastest method of removing excess dissolved solids from your pool water, leaving you with pool water that is clear, cooperative, and often times softer than tap water. Preventative treatment of your pool water can often times offset its own cost as a result of the savings in chemical consumption alone.