Clean tile sure is nice to look at, but it doesn’t last very long if your water if loaded with calcium. Sure, draining and refilling your pool with fresh water will help, but that wastes so much water. To top it off, tap water in Las Vegas in extremely hard! That means you are replacing high calcium water with, well, less high calcium water. Our PuriPool process can remove as much of the calcium from your water as we decide.  That means we can take your high calcium water and turn it into low calcium water. (A certain amount of calcium is required in your pool water in order to protect your plaster – that’s how much we will leave in) The best part is we can do it in a single day for most pools, and you don’t have to drain it!

Instead of wasting tens of thousands of gallons of water, opt for a PuriPool regimen and give your pool cleaner water than even the tap can provide! Now that sounds like a recipe for clean tile! It’s faster, easier, healthier and can save you hundreds of dollars in tile cleaning expenses.


Tile Cleaning