Every pool is unique and requires maintenance tailored to its unique characteristics. Eventually the water in every pool becomes exhausted. Just as pools are unique, so are the reasons they require fresh water. Some pools level of total dissolved solids get too high, while others have too much cyanuric acid, preventing chlorine from being effective. Sometimes calcium levels or levels of other metals or minerals gets too high and leads to staining, damage to equipment and mineral buildup on tile and other surfaces. This customer decided to get their tile cleaned while our PuriPool process purified their pool water. Their goal is to keep calcium levels in their water under control and eliminate future buildup on their tile. What a great idea!

Take a look at the results. Calcium levels in their water is now well below what is available from tap water. With careful maintenance it may be as long as 12 months before the calcium level in their water is as high as tap water! Talk about getting a head start on prevention. As an added bonus, such clean water will require less chemicals to maintain proper balance, saving money on up keep.